Step #1 - Ask Yourself the Following Questions

  1.  Do you want to become a more powerful and loving, open-hearted leader, in your life?
  2. Do you accept full responsibility as the creator of your reality?
  3. Are you committed to doing "the work" involved in becoming more of who you are at your essence AND able to invest in a coach?

Step #2 - If you answered yes to all (3) the questions above, schedule your Free 45 min Clarity Session Below

  • (2) 60m coaching sessions

  • Daily Marco Polo Check-ins

  • Homework and accountability

  • (4) 60m coaching sessions 

  • Daily Marco Polo Check-ins

  • Weekly assignments  and accountability

  • (6) 90m coaching sessions (2 per month)

  • (1) 2 hour breathwork journey

  • (1) 2 hour Inner Vision Journey

  • Daily Marco Polo Check-ins

  • Weekly assignments  and accountability

FRIDAY -Attune to Nature

SATURDAY -Warrior Work & Feast

SUNDAY -Integration and Tools


This live in-person weekend immersion will replenish your connection to the wild - in you and in nature.  As men this connection to silence, solitude and challenge was a vital part of our growth.


Join me for this guided experience into the wild.  The experience will include miles of hiking through beautiful terrain, guided qigong practices, time for reflection and journaling, guided meditations/journeys, and more.


Meals and camping gear are provided.

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