ERIC AUMEN | Self Mastery & Freedom Coach

Get out of your own way and stop playing small.

Most of us spend a lot of time in our mind, analyzing decisions. Often the descisions we make are based on avoiding pain, not on our highest desires or growth.

The problem is that we are often using our mind to do this. Our mind is basing its assessment on the past experiences and the absence of evidence in your success.

So, based on fear and lack of evidence in your own success, we stay where we are. We play small.

When we do work up courage to go for it, our fear can come in and derail our progress, confirming our story that we cannot do "it".

This is not the experience you are here for. You are here to realize your fullest potential. That involves cultivating the internal freedom that leads you toward your Highest Golden Trajectory.

Cultivating internal freedom requires you to become a student of your own energy, healing your past, and optimizing the way you use time.


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